I called Riverside Life Services for pre-abortion counseling. From my first phone call I felt immediately accepted and they really listened and understood me. They completely supported me through my decision making process.
— RLS Client, Age 29
I received so much help and encouragement when I used to come here. Now my daughter is six and Iā€™m happy you guys are still able to help others.
— RLS Client, Age 20
I think Riverside Life Services is great and the information is amazing.
— RLS Client- age 17
Thank you Riverside Life Services for being the extra bit of help I needed to make me who I am today.
— RLS Client, 18
They were so understanding and really supported me with my decision. Visiting Riverside Life Services helped to decrease my fears and help calm my anxiety.
— RLS Client, Age 20

The decision to get an abortion is a very serious decision. It is important to make an informed decision and we can help with that. Our counseling is non-judgemental and our hope is that you will make a decision that is in line with your own beliefs. If you decide to get an abortion, or have had one in the past, we offer post abortion counseling as well. We have seen many women benefit from both our pre and post abortion programs. As always, you can rest assured that our client advocates adhere to a strict confidentiality policy.